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CITY OF PASO ROBLES BUSINESS LICENSE Click link for new City of Paso Robles Business License Application
CITY OF PASO ROBLES BUILDING / CONSTRUCTION PERMITS Contact the City of Paso Robles for Building and Construction Permits
CITY OF PASO ROBLES FIRE DEPARTMENT/ INSPECTIONS All businesses may be subject to a yearly inspection of facility; and a Business Plan/Contingency Plan if hazardous materials/wastes are on site.
CITY OF PASO ROBLES POLICE DEPARTMENT Special permits/licenses for burglar alarms, massage/adult businesses, peddlers, second-hand dealers, pawnbrokers, places of entertainment, solicitors, firearms/ammo sales, taxicabs, etc. Requirments vary.
CITY OF PASO ROBLES ZONING PERMITS May include Conditional Use Permit, Variance, Zone Change, Sign Permit, Parking Regulations, etc to conform to zoning provisions.
FICTICIOUS NAME FILING ( DBA ) San Luis Obispo County Application for Filing a Ficticious Business Name
CORPORATION, COMPANY, PARTNERSHIP FILING State of California Filing Applications for forming a corporation, partnership, LLC, and other
EMPLOYER IDENTIFICATION NUMBER ( EIN ) Employers with employees, business partnerships, and corporations, must obtain an Employer Identification Number from the I.R.S. Businesses can obtain appropriate Federal income tax forms from this location.
SELLER'S PERMIT State Board of Equalization- All businesses selling or leasing tangible property must obtain a Seller's Permit.
STATE INCOME TAX INFORMATION State Income Tax Information- Businesses should obtain the appropriate State income tax forms from the Franchise Tax Board